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I began my counseling career over three decades ago as a Substance Abuse Counselor and formed one of the first Intensive Outpatient Programs in the State of Indiana. Since 1991 I have specialized in counseling people who are violent and abusive.

I care

I believe we only keep what we have by sharing it with others. To carry a message of recovery, peace, love, and serenity is the best way I know to try to maintain it for myself. Nothing in the world brings more joy than helping others.

I deliver

Over my career I have founded many successful programs. I have participated in advocacy efforts to increase integrity and accountability of many services in the area of addiction treatment and counseling people who abuse others.

I'm creative

The Cognitive Accountability Training (CAT) model I created, to my knowledge is the only real research driven, evidenced based domestic violence batterers intervention model available in the State of Indiana.

“There's nothing another person can say or do that can make me say or do something I know in my conscience is wrong.”

"The Golden Rule doesn't say treat others how I want to be treated EXCEPT when I'm upset with someone, or think they mistreated me. It says treat others how I want to be treated....period"

Terry Moore, LCAC

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